Liftit Hydraulic Bearing Puller

Liftit Hydraulic Bearing Puller
Product Description

LIFTIT hydraulic bearing puller is a tool used to remove bearing sets from a rotating machine shaft or from a blind bearing hole. 

The most common application is removing a caged set of ball or tapered bearings from a rotating shaft, such as in a car’s transmission. 

LIFTIT hydraulic bearing puller  are made of tool grade steel, so they are harder than the parts they are used on. 

LIFTIT hydraulic bearing puller  uses a hydraulically powered piston to press against the end of the shaft the bearing is on. 

These are the most common types of bearing pullers and can be used for pulling gears or bearings. The arms have fingers on the end that bend in to get behind the bearing to its race. The center screw of the puller is torqued so it pushes on the top of the shaft and upward thrust is applied to the bearing’s race. Arms and fingers are interchangeable so the same puller can accommodate a wide variety of bearing and shaft sizes and lengths. 

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