Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck

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Normally HOPT find its application in lifting Pallets (Wooden, Steel & Plastic). Fork goes within the under clearance provided in the pallet. HOPT gets raised to 205 mm from ground by the pumping action of the handle. This lifts the Pallet from the ground. This will help you taking the pallet anywhere you want. The lowered height of HOPT is 90-95 mm in a standard condition and pallet under clearance is around 95-100 mm. HOPT is available in 1200, 2000 and 3000 Kg capacity. Fork length is available from 800 mm to 2200 mm


· Resilient design

· Quick and easy operation

· Long service life

Other Details:

· Attachment of Skid Adaptor for insulator handling in Insulator and Electrical companies

· Beam Lifting: Beams can be lifted by these trucks

· Barrel Lifting – Different size barrels can be lifted in same pallet Truck

· High Lift Pallet Truck – It is available for lifting pallet to a height of 800 mm from ground level

· Capacity: 2500 Kg

· Fork Length: 1150 / 1220 mm

· Overall Width : 530 / 685 mm

· Wheels : Nylon / Polyurethane

Pallet Truck has a capacity of 2500 kg and the fork length of 1150 mm to 1220 mm. These are manufactured using well-tested and pre-treated steel; these pallets are the perfect solution for all sorts of material handling purposes. The range is well-constructed by our skilled workers, keeping in mind its application area. Used Extensively in Industries like Engineering, Paper, Textiles, Pharma, Chemicals, Wood, Airlines, Logistics, FMCG etc.
Extension Application : Warehouse, Storage Area, Stores, Workshop, Factories, Godowns etc