Molykote 55 Disperation

Molykote 55 Disperation

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Molykote® M-55 Dispersion

the gear oil lubricant further contains solid lubricants


Used in mineral oil additive lubricant and lubrication of chainskorkearasitteisten.

Add lubricants, gear oils, 5%, and particularly large stress transmission to 10%.


- Increased surface pressure resistance

- Reduces friction and wear

- Reduces operating noise

- Improves the break-in period

- Emergency lubrication properties

- Prevents and reduces pitting of gears


Mineral oil, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), a dispersing agent.

Technical information

  • Surface resistance to pressure 3000N
  • The temperature-resistance range depends on the nature of the consequence oil M-55 Plus added
  • The basic oil viscosity at 40 ° C = 73.2 mm 2 / s
  • Colour: Black