Devcon Aluminum Putty F

Devcon Aluminum Putty F

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Devcon Aluminum Putty F

Description : Devcon Aluminum -filled epoxy putty for dependable non rusting repairs to aluminum castings, machinery, and equipment widely used in HVAC applications.

Intended Use : Devcon Aluminum Putty is a Patch for aluminum castings; make jigs, dies, and holding fixtures.

Product features : Devcon Aluminum Putty Can be machined, drilled, or tapped using conventional metalworking tools Bonds to aluminum, concrete, and many other metals Fills voids or pores in castings.

Limitations : Devcon Aluminum Putty is Not recommended for long term exposure to concentrated acids and organic solvents.

Typical Physical Properties : Technical data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes Cured 7 days @ 75 Degrees Farenheight.

Color Aluminum

Mix Ratio by Volume - 4:1

Mix Ratio by Weight - 9:1

% Solids by Volume 100

Pot Life @ 75degrees 60 min

Specific Volume 17.5 in.(3) /lb

Cured Shrinkage 0008 in./in

Specific Gravity 1.58 gm/cc

Temperature Resistance Wet: 120°F; Dry: 250degrees

Coverage/lb 70 sq.in./lb. @ 1/4"

Cured Hardness 85D

Dielectric Strength 100 volts/mil

Dielectric Constant 21.4

Adhesive Tensile Shear 2,600 psi

Compressive Strength 8,420 psi

Modulus Elasticity 8.0 psi x 10(5) in

Flexural Strength 6,760 psi

Coefficient Degrees Farenheight Thermal Expansion 29 [(in.)/(in). x °F)] x 10(-6)

Thermal Conductivity 1.73 [(cal x cm)/(sec x cm(2) x °C)] x 10(-3)

Cure Time 16 hrs

Recoat Time 10-12 hrs

Mixed Viscosity Putty


Compressive Strength ASTM D 695

Cured Hardness Shore D ASTM D 2240

Dielectric Constant ASTM D 150

Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D 638

Cure Shrinkage ASTM D 2566

Adhesive Tensile Shear ASTM D 1002

Dielectric Strength, volts/mil ASTM D 149

Coef.of Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696

Flexural Strength ASTM D 790

Thermal Conductivity ASTM C 177

Application Instructions : Spread mixed material on repair area and work firmly into substrate to ensure maximum surface contact. Devcon Aluminum Putty F will fully cure in 16 hours, at which time it can be machined, drilled, or painted. FOR BRIDGING LARGE GAPS OR HOLES Place fiberglass sheet, expanded metal, or mechanical fasteners between repair area and Devcon Aluminum Putty F prior to application.